Glass Art

As an artist and designer Carrie Anne Funnell approaches her work by combining contemporary design with the continuing exploration of her chosen medium – GLASS.

  • Purple Art

    Carrie has observed a wide variety of landscapes, seascapes and natural forms from around the world. With a sensitive approach to the infinitive colour pallet that is created in the making process Carrie transforms her inspiring memories in to movement, fluidity and organic shapes. Creating designs that are distinctly hers. A style that gradually evolves with her as an artist.

  • Red Art

    Why glass? Simply, its her passion!

    Inspired firstly by the material of glass and its transparent, reflective and refractive qualities, as well as its technical complexity and the challenges that can arise in the making. Although trained in many areas of glass making Carrie chooses to specialise in and push the boundaries of the fused glass technique.

  • Blue Art

    At present this process involves Carrie building the glass up in layers, starting off with blank sheets of clear glass and using that as her ‘canvas’ to build upon. Colours are derived from oxides and ground glass, precious metals and non precious metals which are then used between layers. Once the artwork is completed it is transformed with in a four day firing process.

Each piece is made with care, holds its own qualities and has its own individuality. It is important that within Carries glass art she makes an impact from a distance, naturally drawing the onlooker closer revealing her attention to detail within the artwork. A piece of art that remains exciting over a period of time.